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Is your microwave oven making you and your family sick?

Skrevet 23-04-2007 af Alun Biggart - Print - Send til en ven -

Is your microwave oven making you and your family sick?

Because microwave ovens are so convenient in thawing, cooking, and reheating food and are energy efficient in comparison to conventional ovens most homes or restaurants use them. If you are like most people who use a microwave oven, you have probably never questioned if a microwave not only negatively affects the nutritional quality of the foods cooked in it but does it also have any negative effect on the health of you and your family?

But is it possible that millions of people all over the world are unknowingly sacrificing their health in exchange for the convenience of microwave ovens? Why did the Soviet Union ban the use of microwave ovens in 1976? Has your microwave oven been shown to be safe or even tested for safety? The answers to these questions may scare you into throwing your microwave oven in the bin.

When I started researching the facts about microwave ovens, I was shocked with what I found and my microwave got thrown out immediately. In this article I will share with you what I found so that you can make an informed decision as to whether the convenience of microwave ovens is worth the potential risk to your family’s health.

History of microwave ovens

Like many of today's inventions, the microwave oven was a by-product of another technology. Cooking food with microwaves was discovered accidentally by Percy Spencer while building magnetrons for radar sets at Raytheon. He was working on a radar set when he noticed a strange sensation, and saw that a peanut chocolate bar he had in his pocket started to melt. Although he was not the first to notice this phenomenon, as the holder of many patents, Spencer was no stranger to discovery and experiment, and realized what was happening. The radar had melted his chocolate bar with microwaves. On October 8, 1945 Raytheon filed a patent for Spencer's microwave cooking process and in 1947, the company built the first microwave oven, the Radarange. It was 1.8 m tall and weighed 340 kg. It was water-cooled and consumed 3000 watts of power, about three times as much as today's microwave ovens.

Today the Chinese firm Galanz is the largest manufacturer of microwaves in the world. Annually the firm produces over 15 million appliances accounting for 40% of the global market.

How do microwave ovens work?

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy, like light waves or radio waves. In our modern technological age, microwaves are used to relay long distance telephone signals, television programs, and computer information across the earth or to a satellite in space. But the microwave that is most familiar to us is the energy source for cooking food.

Microwave ovens are based on the principle of alternating current. Every microwave oven contains a magnetron, a tube in which electrons are affected by magnetic and electric fields in such a way as to produce micro wavelength radiation. This microwave radiation interacts with the molecules in food but unlike the conventional heating of food, in which heat transfers conventionally from without to within, microwaves ovens heat the food from the inside out.

All wave energy changes polarity from positive to negative with each cycle of the wave. In microwaves ovens, these polarity changes happen billions of times every second. Atoms, molecules and cells hit by this unnatural electromagnetic radiation are forced to reverse polarity 1 to 100 billion times a second. There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any food which is able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time.

Food molecules have a positive and negative end in the same way a magnet has a north and a south polarity. Of all the natural substances-which are polar, the oxygen of water molecules reacts most sensitively. As these microwaves generated from the magnetron bombard the food, they cause the polar molecules to rotate as they try to align themselves with the alternating electric field produced by the microwaves. All this agitation creates molecular "friction" in the water molecules, which in turn rapidly heats up the food.

This unnatural type of heating also causes substantial damage to the surrounding molecules and damages the cell wall of foods to the extent, that the end result is a Frankenstein food unknown to man or nature. Your gut receptors are unlikely to recognise a microwave food particle as a food but as a foreign body trying to invade you. This results in an immune response which suppresses your immune system.

Proof that Microwave ovens negatively affect your immune system and health.

Doctor Hans Hertel was the first scientist in the early 1990’s to devise and carry out a quality study on the effects of microwaved foods on the blood and health of human beings. This small but well-controlled study conducted in Switzerland produced some shocking results. The conclusion was clear: microwave cooking changed the foods structure so that changes took place in the participants' blood; these were not healthy changes but were changes that could potentially cause disease.

Eight participants were selected and all housed in the same hotel environment for eight weeks. There was no smoking, no alcohol and no sex, to control as many variables as possible. In intervals of two to five days, the volunteers in the study received one of the food variants on an empty stomach. The food variants were:

• raw milk from a biofarm
• the same milk conventionally cooked
• pasteurized milk
• the same raw milk cooked in a microwave oven
• raw vegetables from an organic farm
• the same vegetables cooked conventionally
• the same vegetables frozen and defrosted in the microwave oven
• and the same vegetables cooked in the microwave oven

Once the volunteers were isolated at the resort hotel, the test began. Blood samples were taken from every volunteer immediately before eating. Then blood samples were taken at defined intervals after eating from the above milk or vegetable preparations.

Significant negative health changes were discovered in the blood of the volunteers who consumed foods cooked in the microwave oven. These changes included a decrease in all hemoglobin values and increase in cholesterol levels.
In addition lymphocytes (white blood cells) showed a more distinct short-term decrease following the intake of microwaved food than after the intake of all the other variants. Thus the microwave food suppressed the immune system of the participants.

Industry's action to hide the truth

As soon as Hertel published his results, a powerful trade organization, the Swiss Association of Dealers for Electro-apparatuses, struck swiftly. They went to court to issue a 'gag order' against Hertel. In March 1993, Dr. Hertel was convicted for "interfering with commerce" and prohibited from further publishing his results. However, Dr. Hertel stood his ground and fought his case over many years all the way to The European Court of Human Rights.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that the "gag order" issued by the Swiss court in 1992 against Dr. Hertel, prohibiting him from declaring that microwave ovens are dangerous to human health, was contrary to the right to freedom of expression and had been a violation of Hertel's rights. In addition, Switzerland was ordered to pay Dr. Hertel compensation.

It’s important to ask the question why would the industry try to stop this information from coming out to the public domain? A much more powerful argument would have been to provide evidence that microwave ovens are safe to use. Unfortunately no such evidence has been forthcoming.
The microwave-oven industry has also failed to provide evidence that the dangerous microwaves are contained within the oven and microwaves don’t escape into the surrounding area where the radiation could potentially damage people’s health. In addition many ready to eat microwave foods come in plastic packaging that’s designed to be put directly into the oven, but does the microwave cooking of food in plastic containers cause some toxins to be transferred from the plastic container into the food and ultimately into you? Probably but nobody knows for sure!

Russians ban Microwave ovens

After the World War II, the Russians also experimented with microwave ovens. From 1957 up to recently, their research has been carried out mainly at the Institute of Radio Technology at Klinsk, Byelorussia. The following effects were observed by Russian forensic teams:

1. Ingestion of micro-waved foods caused a higher percentage of cancerous cells in blood.

2. The unstable catabolism of micro-waved foods altered their elemental food substances, leading to disorders in the digestive system.

3. Those ingesting micro-waved foods showed a statistically higher incidence of stomach and intestinal cancers, plus a general degeneration of peripheral cellular tissues with a gradual breakdown of digestive and excretory system function

4. Microwave exposure caused significant decreases in the nutritional value of all foods studied, particularly:
- A decrease in the bioavailability of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals and lipotrophics
- Destruction of the nutritional value of nucleoproteins in meats
- Lowering of the metabolic activity of alkaloids, glucosides, galactosides and nitrilosides (all basic plant substances in fruits and vegetables)
- Marked acceleration of structural disintegration in all foods.

As a result microwave ovens were banned in Russia in 1976; the ban was lifted after Perestroika.


A theme we emphasise throughout this website is you become what you eat. Microwaves distort the molecular structure of the foods creating unnatural Frankenstein foods that nature never meant you or your family to eat. Microwaving creates a foreign food that not only has little nutritional value, suppresses your immune system but can potentially cause serious illnesses in people eating food heated by them. Some experts also believe eating microwaved food may cause loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence. So if the health of your family, then use the extra couple of minutes to heat the food up the natural way using a conventional oven. The food will not only be healthier it will also taste much better as well. Microwaved food may be convenient but have your ever said whow that tasted great after you have eaten some? So isn’t it time you put your microwave own in its rightful place namely the bin?

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