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How to Successfully Set Your Goals, SMART Goals - and Reach Them

Skrevet 23-01-2007 af Alun Biggart - Print - Send til en ven -

How to Successfully Set Your Goals, SMART Goals - and Reach Them

How did last year turn out for you? Were you able to achieve your goals and dreams that you made as part of your New Year's Resolution? If you are like most people who answered no or at best partly then this article contains the key to YOU having the best year of your life in 2007.

No matter whether your goal is to achieve more success financially, personally or even health and fitness goals such as loosing some fat, toning your muscles and dramatically increasing your energy levels, the best way to achieve your dreams is to learn the incredible power of SMART goal setting and strategic planning. In doing so you will be amazed at the results you will achieve.

By using the SMART goal setting principle you will learn how to successfully achieve on average at least 8 out of the 10 goals you set for yourself in 2007. But best thing about this article is that you need only few minutes of your time, some pens and a piece of paper to achieve your dreams. The simple and easy to implement techniques that are explained with SMART goals will radically increase the likelihood of you successfully achieving your goals and dreams in 2007.

Furthermore because less than 3% of adults have clear written goals with plans on how to achieve them, by reading and implementing the following advice with SMART goals you will immediately jump into the top 3% of people and enjoy all the success this brings for you personally.

This article will show you the secret to getting to the "finish line" with your goals. You will learn how to set up a concrete SMART goals and how to successfully achieve them. So read on to learn the 15 quick and easy steps to change your goals from fantasy to reality! Are you ready for some amazing changes and improvements in your life? Then make 2007 the best year of your life! 

Law of Attraction: You become what you think

The Law of Attraction states “You are a “living magnet” and that you attract the people and events into your life that harmonize with your dominant thoughts, especially those thoughts that you emotionalize strongly. Positive thoughts create a force field of energy that attract into your life people, ideas, resources and opportunities you need to achieve your goals.

But be careful negative thoughts attract negative events. So if you find yourself starting to think about a negative thought or emotion immediately change to thinking about something positive in line with your goals and dreams.

Successful people focus on the future; on where they want to go and how do they get there! Non successful unhappy people worry about the past and things that cannot be changed and talk and think about what they don’t want most of the time.

So by the Law of Attraction unhappy people attract more negative events into their life. This Law is the greatest discovery in all human history. So use it wisely to attract what you want by thinking only what you want – your goals and dreams! 

Successful goal setting: Join the top 3 percent

A Harvard business school study in 1979 asked the graduates of their MBA program “Haveyou set clear, written goals, for your future and made plans to accomplish them?”

Only 3% of the graduates had written goals and plans. 13% had goals that they had not written down and 84% had no goals at all.

Ten years later, the researchers interviewed the class again. They found that the 13% who had goals that were not in writing were earning on average twice as much as the 84% of students who had no goals at all.

But to their amazement the 3% who had clear, written goals and plans to achieve them were earning on average 10 times as much as the other 97% of graduates all together! 

SMART Goal setting basics.

Goals can be defined as the object of your effort or the destination of a journey. Goals are important because without them you have no direction, no destination and less control over your life and everything that happens to you.

You can think of the universe as a Chef, and when you go to a restaurant telling the waitress to bring you anything isn’t a good idea. Why? Because the Chef can serve you something you don’t like or even some leftovers. If you don’t have goals then you risk the Chef serving you anything good or bad. So its important for you to take the time to think about your goals and in doing so create a clear blueprint for yourself and your future.

Once you have identified and set your goals, writing effective goal statements can dramatically help you to actually achieve them. The way that you word your goal statement is extremely important, because small changes can vastly affect the goal’s outcome. For instance, simply writing down your goal will make it 80 percent more likely to come true.

Other factors are also important in writing effective goals, such as phrasing your goal in the present tense, making a positive, realistic statement, making it concise and precise, talking about the benefits of achieving the goal, setting a deadline and making detailed plans. But before you learn how to set SMART goals lets examine why goals setting is the key to fulfillment. 

Goal Setting – The Key to Happiness!

Aristotle the Greek philosopher wrote thousands of years ago that the ultimate aim of all human action is happiness. He said that everything a person does, they do to achieve happiness of some kind. Sometimes they are successful other times not, but the ultimate goal is always happiness. But how do you personally achieve happiness?

“Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy goal” Earl Nightingale

Your ability to ask and answer this question correctly is the key to everything that happens to you and everything that you accomplish in your life. Because you can never win back time, the biggest waste of time and life is to work hard climbing the ladder of success only to find that it is leading against the wrong building.

Furthermore why spends years try to accomplish goals that you could have successfully achieved in a few months if you had used the SMART goal setting technique?

“Time slips through our hands like grains of sand, never to return again. Those who use time wisely are rewarded with rich, productive and satisfying lives. Robin Sharma

The fastest and best way for you to obtain happiness is to spend the necessary time to sit down and think and plan so that you are absolutely clear about who you are as a person, what you believe in, your values, goals and what you want to achieve in your life, then immediately begin to live the life you desire.

When you know exactly what you want, in each area of your life you vastly increase your chances of success, because you can’t hit a target you can’t see! 

What are your goals and dreams? What makes you happy? What do you love to do?

The first step in making 2007 the best year of your life is to set aside quality time and go somewhere quiet, to a place that will allow you to be creative, this may be a café with a lovely atmosphere or out in nature. Do this exercise in the morning as your mind is most creative early in the day.

Bring with you some paper and colour pens, close your eyes and just write and draw pictures of your goals and dreams, don’t analyze them. Just let your mind float freely. Imagine that you could do, be, have or achieve everything in life, if you truly had no limitations whatsoever on your potential.

“Find out what you really love to do then, and then find a way to make a good living doing it” Napoleon Hill

If you find it difficult to identify your goals and dreams then the key to get started is often to think about what you love to do and the things that make you happiest. Discipline yourself to write down as much as possible because your ability to set and achieve goals will determine your success and happiness more than any other skill you can ever learn. So if you had a perfect life, make a dream list of what you love to do;

What would ideal life look like?
What would your ideal family life like?
What would you be doing for a dream job?
Where would you be living?
How much money would you be earning?
What would your dream lifestyle be like?
How much money would you have in the bank?
What type of dream house and car would you have?
How healthy and fit would you be?
How would you use your free time for fun and relaxation?

In short what does your ideal future look like? Use “back to the future thinking” let your dreams and desires run wild. Don’t let other peoples concerns hold you back. Napoleon Hill the brilliant success author once said: “What ever the mind of a man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Many successful people say that the secret of their success is built around finding out what they enjoy and love doing and doing it with the whole of their heart. Many of these successful people feel they don’t work at all, their job is just a hobby they enjoy doing. Can you say the same about your job?

If not then its time to take 2 steps back and plan differently for the future! Don’t get it backwards as most people do. Most people think they have to work so they eventually have the time and money to do what they enjoy doing.

“Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do.” Michael Korda

The true starting point of living the kind of life that is possible for you is to create an exciting future vision of what you would like your life to be, in every area, if you had no limitations at all. Imagine that you could be, have or do anything at all in your family, finances, and personal life. So once you have taken the time to identify your dreams as discussed above learn how to formulate your goals so they become SMART goals!

You vastly increase your chances of success by writing down clear, specific, measurable SMART goals and detailed plans, accompanied by a burning desire to achieve them. Knowing what you want dramatically increases the probabilities that you will get it because then you will know what direction you will be going in!

A person without goals is like a car without a steering wheel, carried in no particular direction whichever way the road turns or the winds blows. But a person with clear, specific goals will drive straight to their destination.

“Your dreams are a snapshot of your future” Albert Einstein

When you are working progressing, step-by-step toward something that is important to you, something magical happens and you generate within yourself a continuous feeling of success and achievement. You feel more positive and motivated.

You feel more in control of your own life. You feel happier and more fulfilled. You feel like a winner, and you soon develop the psychological momentum that enables you to overcome obstacles and plough through adversity as you move toward achieving the goals that are most important to you.

SMART Goal Setting – Goal setting by intelligent design

The way you write and phrase your goals is incredibly important to their chance of success. Most peoples “goals” are merely just wishes because they don’t write their goals down or when they do write them down they don’t phrase them correctly.

Writing effective SMART goals includes; writing your goal down, phrasing your goal in the present tense as if you have already achieved it, making a positive, realistic and precise statement, incorporating the benefits you will experience into your goal which adds emotion and desire, writing a deadline to achieving the goal, making detailed and precise plans to achieve your goal and lastly reviewing and updating your goals regularly.

So once you have decided on your dreams follow the SMART goal formula below to maximize your chances of success. By doing so you will catapult yourself into the top 1% of adults living today!

The first thing to keep in mind when setting SMART goals is that your goal must be congruent with your beliefs. Your mind contains a cybernetic goal-seeking mechanism. Once you have programmed a thought or desire into your brain and your subconscious mind, they take on a power of their own, that seems to drive and steer you to attainment of your goal, whatever it is.

An important tip in developing goals is to use the word "I" with each goal and write it in the present tense. Your subconscious mind
responds only to commands that are personal, positive and in the present tense.

So let’s get started with learning how to successful set goals by using the SMART goal principle. SMART goals stands for:

S: Be SPECIFIC or very clear about your goals when writing them.
M: Make sure you are clear how you will MEASURE your success.
A: Make your goals challenging but ACHEIVABLE.
R: Be REALISTIC. If you weigh 60kg and are 170 cm tall you will never be a heavy weight boxing champion
T: Each goal must be TIME based and set with deadlines and sub deadlines.

So every goal you set must conform to the above SMART goal formula if you want success. So keep in mind what SMART stands for as we expand this concept in the 15 steps below and in doing so you will quickly and easily turn goals from fantasy to reality.  

Step 1: Identify at least 10 goals that you would like to achieve in 2007.

Your goals could be financial or material goals such as a new house or car, a new job, health or family goals, in fact anything that’s important to you. But let’s say for example one of your goals is to loose body fat, now use the following steps to help you achieve this goal or any other goal. 

Step 2: Write your “I” goals down, be specific and add clarity.

To successfully set goals you must write them down in as much detail as possible. Merely having a goal of loosing a certain amount of body fat is not a goal until you write it down. Until you put it in writing, it is still a fantasy. Once your goal is in writing, it is set in stone. Always write out your goals by hand and not on a computer, because your unique handwriting personalises your goals and sends your personal energy to the Universe.

You also have to be specific with the amount of fat you want to loose. So your goal of wishing to loose body fat now becomes: “I would like to loose 5kg of body fat”. Congratulations simply writing down your goal will make it 80 percent more likely that you will achieve it!

You will also notice that I have incorporated “I” into the above sentence. It is essential that you personalize the goal as much as possible because this adds emotion to the goal, which in turn acts as a strong motivator to working towards achieving it. 

Step 3: Write down your goals in the present tense as if you already have achieved them.

It is incredibly important to use the present tense because simply having “I would like to loose 5kg of body fat” is saying you wish to loose body fat but that is not the outcome you want. You want to physically loose weight and not just wish for something. Wishing for something is “dangerous” because the more you wish for it the more you get to wish for it! So then your goal of “I would like to loose 5kg of body fat” now becomes: "I have lost 5kg of body fat”.

Wording your goal correctly can greatly impact whether or not you actually achieve it. In fact your success in life will be largely determined by how clear you are about what it is you really want. Clarity accounts for probably 80% of success and happiness.

Lack of clarity is responsible for frustration and underachievement than any other single factor. People with clear, written goals, SMART goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine. This is true everywhere and under all circumstances. 

Step 4: Make a list of all the ways that you will benefit from achieving your goal.

The fourth step is to incorporate into the goal the major benefits you will experience after you have achieved it, so it now becomes, "I have lost 5kg of body fat. I look and feel fantastic, can fit my favourite jeans and I am incredibly healthy with lots of energy!”

If your goal becomes too long with all the benefits then just write them under your goal. Be specific on what your life will be like when you have met this goal, this adds even more emotion and desire and therefore even more motivation to work hard to achieving your dreams. 

Step 5: Set a realistic deadline for your SMART goals accomplishment.

If your goal is to loose body fat, set a deadline. Setting a deadline programs it into your sub conscious mind to achieve that goal by a certain time, if not sooner. So now your SMART goal has become "I have lost 5kg of body fat. I look and feel fantastic, I can fit my favourite jeans, I am incredibly healthy with lots of energy and the date is NOT even the 1st of July 2007!”

Your deadline must also be realistic to conform to the SMART goals principle. You can’t expect to loose 5kg of body fat in a week. This would be unrealistic and would be de motivating if you failed to achieve it. If you don’t make a realistic deadline then don’t despair it’s just a case of simply setting a new achievable deadline.  

Step 6: Make a detailed Plan to achieve your goal
– “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.”

Imagine visiting a new major city to see a friend. But when you arrive on the outskirts of the city you can’t find any road signs. So you look for your map and find that you have left that by accident at home and you can’t see anybody to ask for directions.

How long do you think it would take you to find your friends house without a road signs and a map? Probably most of your life if at all! If you ever did find his home it would be mostly down to luck. Unfortunately that’s the way most people live their lives.

Planning is essential in achieving your SMART goals so make a detailed plans, complete with deadlines and sub deadlines, as well as priorities. Start with the goal in mind, do some reverse engineering and write down every single action that you can possibly think of that you could do now or in the future to achieve this goal. For loosing body fat this could be, healthy eating, eating less food, exercise etc.

Force yourself to write at least 20 ideas down as it’s often in the last few ideas that the breakthrough comes. Once you have the list of activities you need to do to achieve your goal, prioritize them in order of importance. Select the most important activity and act on it immediately. Then every day set aside quality time to work through the activities you need to do to achieve your goal.

This is a vitally important exercise; you can’t plan too much, because for every minute spent planning can save you 10 minutes in execution. The more you plan on how to achieve your goal the greater your chances of success.

Living without clear goals and plans to achieve them is like driving your car through thick fog. No matter how well engineered your car; you have to drive carefully and slowly. Deciding and acting upon your goals, allows the sun to immediately come out and clear the fog allowing you to focus and channel your abilities.

Clear goals with plans to achieve your dreams allow you to step on the accelerator of your life heading rapidly towards achieving everything you desire. Don’t make the same mistake of moving aimlessly through an unmapped world.

Take the time to think about where you want to go and how to get there. So decide on your goal or destination. Find your starting point. Make a plan of how to get there. Review the map regularly to see if you are on course and keep driving until you get there!

By writing out your goals and plans, you plant them deeper into your subconscious mind and you increasingly believe they are possible to achieve. And by the Law of Attraction you start to attract ideas, people, and resources to help you achieve them.

Soon you will begin to see progress and this progress will motivate you even more to work even harder at achieving your goal. You will have more energy and focus and you will begin to create your own future. And all it takes is a sheet of paper, a pen and a few minutes of your time!

Congratulations now that you have written your goals down, in the present tense, with a deadline and made plans to achieve them you have now moved into the top 3% of people living today. Why because 97% of adults have no written goals or plans to achieve them. But those that do take the time to create their own personal road map as the Harvard study above shows enjoy amazing results. 

Step 7: What is your major goal for 2007?

Now that you now know how to successfully set SMART goals go back to the list of the 10 goals you set in step 1. Now ask yourself the following question, “Which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on your life if you were to achieve it?” Now write this goal on another piece of paper. This goal now becomes your major focus for the next 12 months. This becomes the goal that you think about and work on most of the time.

Take this sentence and write it clearly by hand on several post-it notes. Place them in your car, at your office, on your bathroom mirror and one by your bed so you will be constantly reminded of your dreams. Before going to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning read and rewrite your sentence a few times and then spend 1-2 minutes visualizing what that is like to have realised your dreams.

Congratulations you have just moved into the top 1% of adults once you have chosen your major goal written it down and made plans to achieve it.

Of course you should also review and work on the other 9 goals but you get better results if you prioritize your goals and focus your energy on achieving the ones that are most important to you. Of the 10 goals you would like to achieve in 2007 1 or 2 of these goals is probably of more value to you than the others put together.

The more time you invest in goal setting and planning the better results you will achieve. Thus every Friday I set goals and make plans for the following week and review my monthly and yearly goals as well as thinking about what I want to achieve in the next 5, 10 and 25 years.

Setting long term goals is essential for you to see the big picture and make sure none of your short term goals conflict with the long term ones. On the last Friday of every month I set aside a whole afternoon to extensively review and update my goals, this exercise has been the best thing I have ever done and made an amazing difference to my life! 

Step 8: Analyze your starting position and Measure your progress.

This will provide a starting point, a baseline, to measure your progress. If you are doing this to loose body fat, have someone measure your body fat and write down your starting point. The clearer and more specific the benchmarks and measures you set to evaluate your progress, the more accurate you will be in hitting your targets on schedule.  

Step 9: Identify the information you will need to achieve your goal.

If you want to loose body fat, research how to eat and exercise properly and empower yourself with all of the information you can. Successful people are those who obtain and have information. Furthermore arm yourself with knowledge on why a desired body fat % and weight is beneficial for your health, because this increases motivation. 

Step 10: Make a list of all the people whose help and cooperation you will require.

You may require the help and encouragement of others in achieving your goal. This list may include family, friends, co-workers, your doctor, a personal trainer and who ever else you deem appropriate. Although you should be careful in selecting only those who you know will support and encourage you in the fullest.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who seem to sabotage others, especially when it comes to trying to lose weight or achieve better health. Educate the people you select on the reasons you are working toward your goal. If you present it well, they may even decide to join you and then you will be really supported! 

Step 11: Desire.

Take action immediately on your goal; every day prioritize some quality time to work towards achieving your dreams, and resolve that you will never give up. Remember nothing in life comes for free everything requires hard work. The only question you need to answer is this: How badly do you want it?  

Step 12: Review your goals daily.

It’s a good idea to buy a small book that you can fit in your pocket or handbag and each morning take a few minutes to rewrite your major goals in the present tense, exactly as if they already exist. Once you have done that write down 3 actions you can do to achieve each goal, by doing so you will be focusing your brain every morning on the road map to success.

And because the book is small you can take it out when ever you have a few minutes to review your goal and work on your plans to achieving them! 

Step 13: When you visualize then you begin to materialise.

Take a few minutes after rewriting your goals every morning to visualize them as thought they were already accomplished. See each goal in your mind as though it already existed. Think about how you would feel if you had achieved your goal. Would you feel proud, happy, or exhilarated? Visualize yourself enjoying all the benefits of realising your dream.

To strengthen your ability to visualize and affirm, buy magazines containing pictures of your goals (jobs, wealth, families, home, cars, holidays etc.) that you intend to achieve one day. Cut them out and post them all around your house and office. Think about and imagine them continually as if you already own them.

When you think and visualize about your goals and dreams, you become more positive purposeful and creative. You create a clear, exciting future vision of your goals and dreams becoming reality. Then by the Law of Attraction, you will find that you like a powerful magnet begin to attract the people and events into your life necessary to achieve even your wildest dreams.  

Step 14: Feel your goals becoming reality.

Visualization is powerful, but to really unleash its immense power you must visualize with feeling. Thoughts alone are not enough you must actually feel your goal as already achieved. So when you close your eyes and visualize you need to get the feeling you would have if you already had physically achieved your goal!

So going back to our goal of loosing 5kg of body fat, visualize the fat literally burning off your body and your muscle tone increasing as you exercise. Picture how good you will feel when implementing the dietary changes to give you the building blocks to sculpt your dream body.

Feel the joy at being able to fit into your favourite jeans for the first time in 10 years. As you see yourself looking in the mirror, imagine life with fantastic health, vitality and an abundance of energy. Feel how great it is to be the new slimmer and healthier you!

You may think you can’t achieve your goals or friends and family say they impossible but as Einstein said “what the mind can conceive you can achieve”. The very fact that you can write it down and visualize it means this it is possible for you to achieve it. The only questions are, how badly do you want it? Are you willing to pay the price, in advance, to get it? Only you can answer these questions.

Step 15: Never, ever, give up.

Confucius said “A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.” When you realize how important your goal is to your core being, you will be super motivated to work hard for success. Rome wasn’t built in a day, just take it one step at a time, and never, ever, give up!  

Temporary failure always precedes success.

You should expect to occasionally fail and fall short before you reach your goals. Don’t get despondent failure is a pre requisite to success, failure teaches you the things you need to know in order for you to succeed. Failure is only a temporary setback.

“Failure is merely an opportunity to more intelligently begin again.” Henry Ford.

Successful people fail far more often than unsuccessful people because successful people try more things. But if you fall down, pick yourself up, try again, over and over until you succeed. Don’t fall into the trap of doing what unsuccessful people do.

They try a few things, if they try at all, and very soon quit and go back to what they were doing before. But you are different, you know how important goal setting is for your level of happiness and you know how to achieve your dreams by following the steps above, now its time to unleash your amazing potential.

Everyone including YOU is a genius with unlimited potential.

Everybody is unique and born with the potential to become a genius. You have more brain power than you could ever use in a 100 lifetimes. It has been estimated that most adults only use only 1% of their available brain power. Even geniuses such as Albert Einstein only used 10% of their brains capabilities.

God has engineered everyone including you for greatness and designed all of us for success. You therefore have all the ability within yourself, right now, to accomplish almost any goal you can set for yourself if you are willing to work hard enough to achieve it.

One of the rules for success is, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from; all that matters is where you are going. Where you are going is solely determined by yourself and your own thoughts.

“A man as a general rule owes very little to what he is born with, a man is what he makes of himself” Alexander Graham Bell

People in the top 10% started in the bottom 10%. Everyone who is at the front of the line started at the back of the line. No one is better than you and no one is smarter than you. People are just better or smarter in different areas at different time. Almost all skills are learnable if you work hard enough. 

Accept 100% responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you

Since by the Law of Attraction you become what you think about, and only you can think your private thoughts, you are completely responsible for every aspect of your life. You are where you are and what you are because YOU have decided to be there. If there is any part of your life that you don’t like then you are responsible for changing it.

Everything you are or ever will be in the future will be the result of your thoughts and actions. Your destiny is largely determined as a result of what you do, or fail to do, day by day, year by year. Your future is in your hands nobody else’s. So start today by taking 100% responsibility, with no blaming and no excuses, for everything you experience.

Exert your personal power and take control of your thoughts, words and actions. Become the master of your own destiny. Refuse to whine and complain about events of the past. The past cannot be changed. Instead think about the future, what you want and where you want to go!

The acceptance of responsibility is a great liberator. It puts you completely in charge of your own life, and everything that happens to you. Since your thinking controls your future, by taking charge of your thoughts, you can control the rest of your life and in doing so achieve all of your dreams and goals. Are you ready? 


Life is a journey. Effective SMART goal setting requires that you know where you are and where you going. Thus you need to map out your destination of choice. You are the architect of your own destiny. You are the boss. You are in charge.

The beauty of SMART goal setting is that it will give you complete control over your life and future. Remember you can’t hit a target you can’t see. But with goals, you will fly like an arrow, straight and true to your target.

By following the simple and easy to apply SMART goal setting methods and techniques described in this article, you can move quickly and efficiently towards achieving even your wildest dreams. The speed at which you move towards your goals will amaze both you and all the people around you. These SMART goal setting ideas work for everyone, no matter what their education, background or where they begin.

So get started today on the path to eternal happiness by asking yourself what is the most important question you will ever ask, namely, what do I really want to do with my life? If you could be, do or have anything in life what would it be?

Imagine you have a magic wand and that you wishes come true for all areas of your life, family, business, health etc. Return to this question regularly! There is a direct relationship between the level of clarity you have about who you are, what you want and virtually everything you accomplish in life!

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements” Napoleon Hill

Then write your 10 goals for 2007 down using the SMART goals formula, make plans to achieve them, and work on your plans every single day. Pick the most important goal for you and this becomes your major purpose for 2007.

This advice, when you follow it will be more help to achieving a life time of happiness and success than anything else you could ever learn or do. This is the key to peak performance and maximum achievement. This concept has changed the lives of millions of successful people all over the world. It will produce amazing results for you as well!

Studies have shown that by using just 5 minutes on this simple exercise of writing down the 10 goals you would like to achieve in the next 12 months most people amazingly achieve as many as 8 of them. That’s right 5 minutes of your time, a pen and paper to astounding results that can literally change your life!

If you write out in detail a plan of: what you want, when you want it, why you want it, and from where you are starting. List the obstacles to overcome, the information you will need and the people you need to help you. You will catapult yourself into the top 3% of adults.

Furthermore if you choose your major goal and make plans to achieve it then you will jump into the top 1% of adults. So if you have not written your 10 goals down for 2007 put this article down and immediately get started, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

Then discipline yourself to use a few minutes to rewrite your goals every morning, visualize, feel and see each goal in your mind as though it already existed. When doing this exercise think about how you would feel if you had achieved your goal. Would you feel proud, happy, or exhilarated?

Visualize, picture and feel yourself enjoying all the benefits of realising your dream. Then, smile, relax, and let it go. If you have enough desire and discipline to do this the results will truly amaze you. But it all comes down to how much do you want to realise your dreams and goals?

Effective goal setting requires that you know where you are and where you are going. Thus a compass and a map become necessary for goal achievement. The more you write and rewrite your goals and the more you think about them, the clearer you will become about them.

The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to do more and more of the things that are consistent with achieving them and by the Law of Attraction the Universe will give you more and more of what you need to achieve your dreams. So take the time to write a detailed, written road map of where you want to go.

I truly hope that the steps provided in this article will assist you in your journey towards achieving your dreams. Even if you only spend 5 minutes writing your goals down on a piece of paper every New Year then forget about them until the 1st of January 12 months later you will greatly increase your chances of achieving them.

So if that’s all the time you are prepared to invest what have you got to loose? But remember the more you invest the more you will get out so be all you can be and get ready for an amazing year in 2007. 

Action Exercises

Here is how you can apply the SMART goals formula immediately:

First, make a list of the 10 goals that you would like to achieve in the next 12 months. Write them down by hand in the present tense, as though a year has passed and you have successfully accomplished them.

Second, from your list of 10 goals, ask yourself, “What one goal, if I were to accomplish it, would have the greatest benefit to my life?” Whatever it is, write this goal on a separate sheet of paper. Make this goal your major definite purpose for the next 12 months

Third, write this major goal down CLEARLY and in as much detail as you can. The more specific you are in writing your goal, the easier it will be to plan what you need to do to realise your goal and to develop a plan to achieve it. Set deadlines, make plans, put them into action and work on it every day.

Forth, follow the 15 steps above to expand on your SMART goals and get ready for something magical to happen.

Good luck

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The Secret DVD
Paul Chek  



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